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Fundamentals of Product Management
Basic Information

Fundamentals of Product Management

Cohort-based Course

Learn the basics of product management, land a great PM job and level up your product skills with my lessons from 12+ years at top tech companies as a product manager.
Instructors Information

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Eric Wilson
12+ years of experience as a product manager in different tech companies. Currenly working as a product manager at Amazon Alexa.
Course Overview

Course overview

The best two-day crash course for early career and aspiring PMs

I will teach about how to become a product manager. I will also teach how to be a successful product leader, select a goal metric that resonates, build a vision that inspires everyone, define and prioritize a clear roadmap.
Course Benefits

What you'll get out of this course

Create a career plan to transition to PM and accelerate your product career

How to highlight your zone of genius to stand out as a PM candidate. How to identify the type of PM that you want to be as early as possible. How the PM career ladder works and what the end states are. The 3 different paths to transition to PM with real tactics for each.

Identify great companies to apply to and get replies from the hiring manager

How to know what company stage is the best fit for you. How to find great companies beyond FAANG even in this tough tech job environment. How to prep your resume to get noticed and stand out. How to get a reply from the hiring manager vs. getting lost in online applications.

Prepare for and ace your PM interviews

What the evaluation criteria is for the 3 most common types of PM interviews. How to research the company and do the take home exercise. My personal product sense framework and how you can adjust it for each question. Advanced behavior interview tips to help you tell your story.

Course modules

Course modules



Product management basics

This course includes

1 modules

Applying knowledge through projects

Exclusive community of fellow members

Access to course materials for a lifetime

Immediate access to the instructor

Feedback and reflection with guidance

Learning is way better with live cohorts

Engaging in learning becomes immensely enriching when accompanied by live cohorts, fostering dynamic interactions and shared insights.

The educational experience reaches new heights when learning is undertaken within live cohorts, creating a vibrant and supportive community for knowledge exchange.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of collaborative learning as live cohorts elevate the educational journey, providing real-time engagement and a sense of camaraderie.

Fundamentals of Product Management
Fundamentals of Product Management

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