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Easily get started with 1:1 sessions

Content creation and structured courses, not really your thing? 1:1 sessions are the perfect way for you to get started on your mentorship journey without the need for a lot of planning or setup, simply jump on a video call with a mentee and share your knowledge and experience.

Setup your availability and sync your calendar

Setup when you are available for mentees to book sessions with you and sync your Google calendar to let mentees automatically find available times to book sessions directly in your calendar.

Give mentees more options with session templates

Session templates let you create focused sessions with clear expectations and different price points to help mentees connect with you.

Have a great topic? Why not host an interactive workshop

Choose your topic and find your audience

Connect with people who want to dive deeper into a specific topic for 1 to 4 hours.

Easy to setup, fun to host

Workshops don’t require pre-recorded content and is a fun and interactive platform to explore topics you are passionate about.

Quickly setup recurring workshops

Found a topic with lots of interest and don’t want to miss out on revenue? Simply schedule your workshop to be recurring and grab more of your audience

Want to share your knowledge at scale?

Courses are the perfect way for you to scale your impact, giving you the ability to combine pre-recorded content, live sessions and tasks to enhance your mentees learning experience.

Quickly start setting up your course with help from our Course Bot

Choose your course title and let our course bot do the rest, simply add your course start date and your ready to publish your first course.

Easily setup your course with our intuitive course builder

Our course builder helps you setup your course for success and manage all your course content and structure.

Manage, market and track your courses from within the platform

Mentorverse offers you a wide variety of tools to help you find and connect with mentees, manage your course and track key metrics that help you succeed.

Get the tools you need to succeed as a mentor

AI powered course builder

Take your course idea from title to published in just a few minutes with the help from our AI course bot

Powerful insights to power your results

Gain access to analytics that helps you see what is working and what is not to help you grow and optimise your results

Dedicated mentor page

Easily showcase your skills and expertise on your mentor profile page that is discoverable. by all students

Grow your audience with email marketing

Reach out to potential students and previous cohorts with targeted email campaigns to build your influence

Get your content in front of an engaged audience

Mentorverse users are here to learn, it’s up to you to bring your knowledge and personality

Send invitations to prospective students

Reach out to Mentorverse users and invite them directly to your lates course with a personal message

Platform based scheduling and video call capabilities

Get access to powerful scheduling tools and host video calls all from within Mentorverse

Build your community

Tools like chat and cohort based forums makes community engagement a breeze

Mentors and coaches love using Mentorverse

Not sure if Mentoring is for you? Why not get started with an introductory call?

If you are not sure if mentoring is for you, try doing an introductory call with a mentee, no planning or preparation, just allow the mentee to ask you some questions about you, what you do and how you got there.