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Marketing strategy for pre-seed startups
Basic Information

Marketing strategy for pre-seed startups

Cohort-based Course

Marketing Strategy for Pre-Seed Startups is a focused course designed to equip early-stage entrepreneurs with key marketing techniques. It delves into formulating effective strategies, understanding target markets, optimizing resources, and leveraging technology for business growth.
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Adi Reske
I'm an enterprise marketer with 20 years of experience in tech. I love teaching 
Course Overview

Course overview

Pre-Seed Startup Marketing Strategy Essentials

Master the art of marketing for pre-seed startups. Develop successful strategies from inception to funding, enhancing visibility & investor appeal.
Course Benefits

Startup Marketing: Seed Growth

Broad Knowledge of Marketing

This course helps students grasp a wide range of marketing theories and concepts that are significant for startups.

Real World Application

It teaches how to apply marketing strategies practically, giving students a fair understanding of how to implement such strategies in a real-world startup environment.

Specialized Strategy for Startups

The course focuses specifically on pre-seed startups, meaning students will learn strategies tailored to this specific stage of a business lifecycle, providing a distinct edge.

Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

By understanding marketing strategies, students will enhance their decision-making skills, which are vital to direct a startup towards success.

Increased Value Proposition

This course will help students develop intuitive strategies, resulting in enhanced value proposition of their startups to potential investors and customers.

Course modules

Course modules


Understanding the Startup Ecosystem

This module provides an in-depth understanding of pre-seed startups, their unique challenges, and the broader startup ecosystem. It covers topics like startup life cycles, the role of funding stages, and key startup terminologies.


The Basics of Marketing Strategy

This module is designed to equip learners with the fundamentals of marketing strategy tailored to pre-seed startups. It delves into topics such as lean marketing, customer segmentation, value proposition, and market analysis. By the end of this module, students will be able to create a blueprint marketing strategy for their pre-seed startup.


Implementing Effective Marketing Tactics

The final module is focused on effective marketing tactics specifically for pre-seed startups. Topics include digital marketing essentials, growth hacking techniques, social media strategy, content marketing, modern SEO practices, and analytics to measure marketing effectiveness. After this module, learners will be capable of implementing a cost-effective, high-impact marketing strategy for their startup.

This course includes

3 modules

Applying knowledge through projects

Exclusive community of fellow members

Access to course materials for a lifetime

Immediate access to the instructor

Feedback and reflection with guidance

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Marketing strategy for pre-seed startups
Marketing strategy for pre-seed startups

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