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Change Your Mindset Change Your Attitude
Basic Information

Change Your Mindset Change Your Attitude

Cohort-based Course

Change Your Mindset Change Your Attitude" is a transformative course, designed to shift one's perception from negative to positive. It is focused on building resilience, fostering positive thoughts, and strengthening mental agility to boost confidence and personal effectiveness.

Invest in yourself today and unlock the potential for unparalleled growth and success. Take charge of your mindset, and watch your attitude soar to new heights. This 6-hour, online and self-paced class will change the way you think! We will meet daily via Zoom for 6 days for one hour each day.  Access the downloadable presentation packet for note-taking and self-reflecting here:
Instructors Information

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Earl Morrison
Leading and Learning with Character owner Earl Morrison began his career in Law Enforcement in 2000. He has served in a variety of roles including Police Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Detective, Patrolman, and as the Assistant Director of the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. Before becoming a police officer Earl was a correctional officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for six years. He also spent three years in the U.S. Army and three years in the Texas Army National Guard. Earl has also held several leadership positions in his private life within the church community as a men’s group leader and church Elder, and within the city community as Chairman of the Board for the city’s Employee Credit Union. He started Leading and Learning with Character in 2017 out of his passion for quality leadership development. 

In addition to holding numerous certifications through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Lamar University and a Master's in Criminal Justice from the University of Houston. He is a graduate of the Leadership Command College at Sam Houston State University. Earl is a public speaker and author. His first book, "Leadership Lessons Learned: Leading and Learning with Character" was published in 2018. His second book, "Mentoring for Life" was published in 2020. His third book, "JumpStart Your Leadership and Spiritual Growth" was published in January 2024. Earl has most recently been traveling across the United States teaching his leadership development training to organizations. Earl and his wife Penny, and their four kids live in Oklahoma. Earl is passionate about leadership, mentoring, teaching and coaching, and adding value to both the individual and organization.   
Course Overview

Course overview

Boost Your Outlook: A Course on Mindset and Attitude Change

Unlock a positive outlook with the 'Change Your Mindset, Change Your Attitude' course. Develop resilience, optimism, and a growth mindset to reshape your life.
Course Benefits

Unlock Success: Mindset Shift Course

Enhanced Self-Awareness

This course will guide you in discovering deeper layers of your personality, traits, and thought patterns, ultimately leading to a significant increase in self-awareness.

Mental Flexibility

You'll learn how to shift your mindset anytime, adapting to varying circumstances and handling adversity fluidly, thereby developing mental flexibility.

Empowerment for Life Changes

The course offers tools and techniques to change your attitude, providing empowerment to make significant life transformations confidently.

Improved Relationship Dynamics

By learning to change your mindset and attitude, you'll gain skills that will positively influence your interaction with others, resulting in improved relationship dynamics.

Better Life Satisfaction

Lastly, a shifted mindset opens up new avenues of thought, perspectives, and happiness, leading to improved overall life satisfaction.

Course modules

Course modules


Learn From Your Mistakes

Day 1: To grow and develop into your full potential, you must learn to admit when you make mistakes.


The Importance of Self-Reflection

Day 2: Self-reflection is taking time to look within and really evaluate who you are.


Your Attitude, Your Responsibility

Day 3: You and only you can set the tone for your attitude.


Dealing With Difficult People

Day 4: Strategies to navigate through any interaction with ease.


Control Your Reactions/Emotions

Day 5: How you react to a situation is how those around you will react.


Never Give Up!

Day 6: Don't let your past or your failures weigh you down.

This course includes

6 modules

Applying knowledge through projects

Exclusive community of fellow members

Access to course materials for a lifetime

Immediate access to the instructor

Feedback and reflection with guidance

Learning is way better with live cohorts

Engaging in learning becomes immensely enriching when accompanied by live cohorts, fostering dynamic interactions and shared insights.

The educational experience reaches new heights when learning is undertaken within live cohorts, creating a vibrant and supportive community for knowledge exchange.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of collaborative learning as live cohorts elevate the educational journey, providing real-time engagement and a sense of camaraderie.

Change Your Mindset Change Your Attitude
Change Your Mindset Change Your Attitude
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Apr 19 - Apr 24, 2024