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Hello, I'm Abhishek Koserwal, a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat and a dedicated mentor ready to guide you on your career journey. Whether you're just starting as a software engineer or trying to identify your best career path, I'm here to help you succeed. 

Designing your career: Together, we'll explore different paths and strategies to shape a fulfilling and rewarding career in the tech industry. 

Developing your skillset and cultivating a craftsmanship mindset: I'll share my expertise and guide you. We'll focus on mastering the core concepts and practices that will set you apart as a professional.

Seeing the big picture: If you feel overwhelmed or unsure about your professional goals, we will collaborate to gain clarity. 

About Me: With extensive experience as a software engineer, I've worked in various roles throughout my career, from a beginner to a principal software engineer. I have mentored college students and individuals, empowering them to grow in their careers. 

I am working on Research and Development in the Identity and Access Management space with the Google Zanzibar implementations, and a subject matter expert with Keycloak/IAM space. I'm actively involved in open-source communities, focusing on Kubernetes Operators, Openshift/Kubernetes, and Middleware products. I've authored a chapter on Access Control in the book 'Kubernetes Patterns, 2nd edition' and have given talks on relevant topics. Let's embark on this mentorship journey together and build your skills and craftsmanship to shape a successful and fulfilling career. 

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Embark on Your Journey:Find a Mentor & Grow with Peers

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